Insert Grilles & Mats

Model AG-4000


DESCRIPTION: Architectural Entrance Grid 37mm deep with aluminium with Vinyl Tread inserts having tread width of 37 mm, with hidden cross bolt assembly. Designed for indoor applications .Depth allows highest capacity to trap debris and keep the interiors clean. The depth allows new construction projects that requires the containment of large quantities of mud ,dirt ,water & snow Interior Tread Inserts: Corrugated Co-extruded Vinyl Inserts, crowned with corrugations on tread . Flexible slip-resistant surface over rigid shrink resistant base. APPLICATIONS: Fitness Centers, Hotels,Resorts, Museums, Office Buildings, Recreational Facilities, Educational Institutions & Pool areas.

KEY FEATURES: Dirt and moisture removal capability. Highest capacity to trap debris. 300lbs. wheel load capacity . Heel Proof LOW Maintenance *Max Grid Size :48”(1220mm) x 48”(1220mm)




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