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Model AM 1000HD


DESCRIPTION: Heavy Duty recessed mounted architectural walk-off mat in clear anodized finish aluminium rails ,connected with slotted vinyl connectors with exterior grade carpet inserts. Exterior Tread Inserts– polypropylene fibers with 50/50 blend of 600/12-denier multi filament and 595/D1 monofilament, available in one of 4 standard colors . The texturized fibers have ultraviolet blockers and color as an integral part of the filament. Each carpet fiber and monofilament shall be fusion-bonded to a rigid two-ply backing to prevent fraying and supplied in continuous splice-free lengths. APPLICATIONS: Airports,Exhibition Centers etc.

KEY FEATURES: High Dirt and moisture removal capability. 1000lbs. wheel load capacity . ANTIFADE carpet inserts with UV blockers. Heel Proof LOW Maintenance Can be made in any custom shapes *Maximum panel size: 3000mm x 2500mm( 1 mat)




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