Insert Grilles & Mats

Model AM-1000


DESCRIPTION: Recessed/Surface mounted architectural walk-off mat in clear anodized finish aluminium rails with exterior grade carpet insert ,connected with slotted vinyl connectors. Exterior Tread Inserts– polypropylene fibers with 50/50 blend of 600/12-denier multi filament and 595/D1 monofilament, available in one of 4 standard colors . The texturized fibers have ultraviolet blockers and color as an integral part of the filament. Each carpet fiber and monofilament shall be fusion-bonded to a rigid two-ply backing to prevent fraying and supplied in continuous splice-free lengths. APPLICATIONS: Supermarkets, Banks, Churches, Condos/Apartment Buildings, Convention Halls, Daycare Centers, Government Buildings,Fitness Centers, Hospitals, Hotels,Resorts, Library, Museums, Office Buildings, Public Buildings, Restaurants, Senior Care Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Educational Institutions .

KEY FEATURES: High Dirt and moisture removal capability. 500lbs. rolling load capacity(per wheel) ANTIFADE carpet inserts with UV blockers. Heel Proof LOW Maintenance Can be made in any custom shapes Roll up capability for ease of cleaning. *Maximum mat size: 3000mm x 2500mm( 1 mat)




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