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HP-445 High Performance


McGill Rain high performance series; extruded aluminum construction; frame with channel profile; corner joints mitered and mechanically fastened, with continuous recessed caulking channel each side; intermediate mullions matching frame; gutters; rated for an air performance and water penetration maintained effectiveness rate tested in accordance with AMCA 500-L. McGill Architectural Products certifies that the Rain Defense Louver Model “HP 445” is licensed to bear the AMCA seal. The ratings shown are based on tests and procedures performed in accordance with AMCA Publication 511 and comply with the requirements

WATER PENETRATION PERFORMANCE Free Area Velocity at Beginning Point of Water Penetration: 761.2 fpm (3.87 m/s) Air Volume Flow Rate at Beginning Point of Water Penetration — 48in (1220mm) x 48in (1220mm) unit: 6,485 cfm (3.06 m3/s) Pressure Drop at Beginning Point of Water Penetration: 0.126 in. H2O (32 Pa)


Free Area: 53.25% , based on a test sample of 48in (1220mm) x 48in (1220mm) Airflow Classifica on—Class 2




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