Drainable Louvers

HPD-645 High Performance Drainable


6″High Performance Drainable; extruded aluminum construction; frame with channel profile; corner joints mitered and mechanically fastened, with continuous recessed caulking channel each side; intermediate mullions matching frame; gutters; rated for air performance and water penetration ,maintained effectiveness rate tested in accordance with AMCA 500-L.

WATER PENETRATION PERFORMANCE Free Area Velocity at Beginning Point of Water Penetration: 1,111.6 fpm (5.65m/s) Air Volume Flow Rate at Beginning Point of Water Penetration — 48in (1220mm) x 48in (1220mm) unit: 8,926.4 cfm (4.22 m3/s) Pressure Drop at Beginning Point of Water Penetration: 0.155 in. H2O (39 Pa)


Free Area : 50.4%, based on a test sample of 48in (1220mm) x 48in (1220mm) Discharge loss coefficient Classification—Class 2




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