Since our inception in 1978 we have grown to be a leading manufacturer of specialty architectural products. Our market reach spans all of North America and beyond. We are passionate about our work and our community – and this is aptly reflected in both the calibre of our products and the level of service that we strive for. As a family owned and operated business, the quality of our client relationships has always been our hallmark and will remain integral to our continued growth. With over thirty years of success, McGill is a trustworthy resource with knowledge and experience that you can count on.


Performance Louvers


Decorative Grilles

Decorative Grilles

Sun Controls


Entrance Mats


Sliding Shutters

sliding shutters

Why Choose McGill?

  • Track Record of 36 years
  • Tested Quality Products
  • Shorter Lead Times
  • Technical Design Support

    Environmentally Responsible

    For McGill, going “green” and adopting more sustainable practices within our company is not about simply achieving a desired reputation. It is about becoming a more conscious presence within the industry, and allowing that consciousness to guide us in the decisions we make and standards we work to uphold. It is about acknowledging that our actions do have a significant impact on our environment and accepting the responsibility to make the changes necessary to minimize that impact as greatly as possible. From our commitment to using recycled materials for our products, to the majority of our work being implemented into LEED certified projects – these are the things that make McGill the company we wish to be.

    Custom Fabrication

    Manufacturing Solutions

    Competitive Pricing

    Comprehensive Service

    Knowledge & Experience

    Personalized Approach

    Environmentally Engaged

    30+ Years Of Success

    McGill Architectural Products
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